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The balance: SC "Iliana" is subscribed for medals

   December 16- th, 1993. This is the birth date of the first private rhythm gymnastics club in our country, named, the Iliana Sports Club.
   1994. The Iliana Sports Club had not even reached its first anniversary, when at the Hanover Tournament the women's ensemble of the club blew up the audience in the hall with their unique compositions to the music from the movies" The Last of the Mohicans" and the "Robin Hood". The girls were classified in fifth place, but they were the indubitable favor-;' ites of the audience. Later on in Veliko Turnovo, Ina Ananieva, Desislava and Tzvetelina Minevi, Stela Hristova, Ralitza Todorova, Maria Koleva , Denitza Zaharieva and Bilyana Vladimirova became champions of the country. The connoisseurs of rhythm gymnastics still talk about the originality and dynamics of the two compositions of the "Iliana" Sports Club.
   At that time, the coaches Mariela Pashalieva, Yordanka Takova, Tania Stoyanova, and the choreographer Eli Ivanova were already working with the first "babies" of the club - the future champions and national team members. The girls - members of the ensemble, who terminated their competition careers, also became coaches in the "Iliana" Sports Club and started to work with children.

   Maria Koleva was the only one to continue her competition career. She became the undisputed star of the club, winning the bronze at the Deriugina international Tournament in; Kiev. She became a member of the national team and won the world cham-pionship and the silver medals at the Atlanta Olympic Games with the na-tional team. At a later date, one of the brightest stars of our country's rhyth-mic gymnastics, Stela Salapatiyska also came to work for the club.
   1995 was the year, in which Bul-garia saw the first own children of the "Iliana" Sports club. Hristina Vitanova, Galina Marinova and Daniela Ivanova won all the medals for 1 to 3 places for children of up to 10 years of age at the national championship in Kyustendil. The ensemble of girls of the same age also became champi-ons of the country, coached by Tanya Stoyanova. In the 12-years old age group, the title was also won by the "Iliana" Sports Club. It was won by Silvia Dimitrova.
   1996. The ensemble of the "Iliana" Sports Club up to 1o years of age, coached by Yordanka Takova, again became champions of the country at the championship in Plovdiv. In the team competition, first place was won by the first team of the "Iliana" Sports Club, the second team winning third place. The overall first place was won by Elena Stefanova, with Dessislava Slavchova winning third place. Silvia Dimitrova won the Republican and In-ternational tournament "Zlaten Obrach"("Golden Hoop").
   1997. Varna, Republican and Interna-tional Tournament "Zlaten Obrach" ("Golden Hoop"). The children of the Iliana the lead-ing places. Petya Nacheva won the gold overall, as well as for her performances with the ball and the rope for the up to 11 age group. Elizabeth Paisieva took second over-all and third for her rope. Martina Yocheva took second with her ball. In the up to 19 age group, Elena Stefanova took first over-all and with the hoop, Kristina Rangelova win-ning third overall and second with her rope.
   A short while later Elena also won the In-ternational Tournament "Zlaten Obrach" ("Golden Hoop") in Byala Slatina. Hristina Vitanova won the "Julieta Shishmanova" Prize for the elder girls. Galina Marinova won these first places in the country - overall, rope, and ball, as well as one second place - without an apparatus. Krasimira Stoimenova became the country champion overall and was third with the rope.
   1998. The elder girls of the "Iliana" Sports Club take all the prizes from 1 up to 6 places at the Republic Tournament "Zlaten Obrach" ^("Golden Hoop") in Rousse. In the overall classification, Kristina Rangelova became the champion, Galina Marinova was second, Daniela Ivanova was third.

   Galina Ivanova won the silver at the International Tournament "Zlaten Obrach" ("Golden Hoop"). The children of the "Iliana" Sport Club are again the best, the younger girls became second, Eleonora Kejova took third place at the "Rumi and Albena" Tournament in Bourgas in the elder girls age group.
   1999 - the year of the young girls Bulgarian ensemble. It is coached by two coaches of the "Iliana" Sport Club - Tania Stoyanova and Vesela Kirova. And with right, since the ensemble is made up mainly of members of the "Iliana" Sports Clubs. These consisted of the "babies" from kindergarten, with whom Tanya Stoyanova began working in 1993, coaching them to national team members and current stars of the "Iliana" Sports Club and the Bulgarian rhythmic gymnastics. They are Hristina Vitanova, Kristina Rangelova, Galina Marinova and Daniela Ivanova. They came back with silver from Hungary and with gold from Switzerland. They also became second in Europe at the championship in Budapest.

   The world heard again of Bulgarian rhyth-mic gymnastics, which at that time could not boast with any considerable successes and had lost some of its international prestige.
   Within the country, the members of the "Iliana" Sports Club became champions of the country for the elder and younger age groups, while the women of the club became third. Eleonora Kejova became second with the ball and third overall, with the rope, and with the clubs at the "Julieta Shishmanova" Republican Tournament. Stela Sultanova became champion of the country for girls of up to 10 years of age and won the "Zlaten Obrach" ("Golden Hoop"), as well. Galina Marinova returned from an international tour-nament in Belgium with silver overall and with the ball.
   The year 2000 - new successes. Eliza-beth Paisieva became the country cham-pion in the elder girls age group and won the "Julieta Shishmanova" prize. She also won a tournament in the Czech Republic and bronze at a tournament in Japan.
   Stela Sultanova became again №1 in the country for the up to 10 years age group, while Iskra Vassileva won second place. Stela also won silver at the international tour-nament "Ogurlitzata na Dessislava" ("Dessislava's Necklace"). Diana Trendafilova won a silver and a bronze for the up to 11 years age group at the "Zlaten Obrach" ("Golden Hoop") tournament.

   The ensemble of girls of the elder age group, consisting of Yana Velkovska, Lora levi, Neli Alexandrova, Slava Krusteva, and Libya Kejova, coached by Ina Ananieva (who was a member of the first ensemble of the -"Iliana" Sports Club) won a first and a sec-ond place at the country championship.
   In 2000 the "Iliana" Sports Club also pro-vided three of the girls in the national ensemble of Bulgaria. In other words, half the national team, representing the country at the Sidney Olympics in 2000, came from "Iliana" Sport Club. These were Galina Marinova, Kristina Rangelova, and Eleonora Kejova. Tanya Stoyanova was the coach of the ensemble.
   2001 - even more medals won abroad. Elizabeth Paisieva marked her debut in the' women's age group by winning first place, the overall and with the hoop, as well as sec-ond place with the clubs at the Prato (Italy) tournament. At the same time at the tourna-ment in Lubliana (Slovenia),Kristina Rangelova won the third overall. Stela Salapataiyska was the coach of both of them.

   Elizabet was classified sixth at strong Kalamata Cup tournament in Greece at the end of April. Our ensemble was a hit with its second place, consisting of Hristina Vitanova, Galina Marinova, and Eleonora Kejova. The coach, naturally, was Tanya Stoyanova. During the May tournament in Bern the ensemble was again on the podium, this time with a bronze. The big hit of the girls, however, was the third place in Europe with balls and ropes from the championship in Geneva, by which the Bulgarian rhythmic gymnastics came again into the elite.

   Paisieva will also remember the year 2001 by her second place at the "Julieta Shishmanova" international tournament in Bourgas and her sixth place at the tradition-ally very strong Corbey Esson tournament in France. Her ninth place at the Europen Championship (her first) can also be con-sidered an excellent achievement. In the au-tumn, Eli made the biggest hit of the year. As the youngest participant at the World Championship in Madrid, the trainee of the' "Iliana" Sports Club became fifth overall, fifth with the rope and sixth with the clubs. Together with Simona Peycheva and Yuliana Naidenova, she also took bronze in the team competition. The international Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics admitted Elizabeth's success by announcing her as a gymnast of world class.
   By taking first place at the international tournament in Austria, Kristina Rangelova con-tinued to add to the "Iliana" Sports Club's achievements for 2001.

   The ensembles of girls of the younger and elder age groups became third at the national champion-ships. The girls of the elder age group were also third in the team competition, while the cadets ,won the silver. Kristina was third in the national championship overall competition. Stela Sultanova added another silver to the clubs achievements from the national championship for girls of the younger age group. She also became second at the "Julieta Shishmanova" national tournament, with Lora Levi winning at this tournament two silver and one bronze medals with the individual apparatuses. At the regional championships, the elder age group ensemble of the "Iliana" Sports Club do not have any competition for the gold.
   Seven girls of the elder age group in the national team. This is how the year 2002 began for the "Iliana" Sports Club. The club provided to the Bulgarian National Team Stela Sultanova, Lilia Rangelova, Krasimira Stoimenova, Maya Paunovska, Kristina Petkova, Ivona Milachkova, and Preslava Vulova. Lilia Rangelova won the the "Rumi and Albena" international tournament in Varna. Stela Sultanova grabbed all the gold medals at the "Julieta Shishmanova" na-tional tournament, while Lili Rangelova was classified in third place. The silver in the women's age group went to Elizabeth Paisieva.

   The girls team of the elder age group took the team title at the regional champion-ship. In the individual competition, Stela Sultanova was second, Lili Rangelova was third. The cadets of the club became regional champions, as well. Elizabeth Paisieva became champion, Zornitza Marinova was second, and Lora Levi third. In the women's age group, Kristina Rangelova was first at the regional championship. She also came back with a silver overall and a first, a second, and a third place in the individual apparatus competitions from the "Serebryanska" international tournament in Kiev. Kristina added to her collection of achievements another overall title, 2 gold and 2 silver medals from the tournament in Slovenia. At the Bratislava tournament, where all the elite of the world rhythm gymnastics competed, she became 7-th overall and took two fifth places and two sixth places in the individual apparatus competition.
   During the first five months of 2003 club "Iliana" competitors won 22 golden, 12 silver and 7 bronze home competition medals. Stela Sultanova took 13 golden medals, Maya Pahunovska - 2 golden, 6 silver, 4 bronze, Preslava Vulova - 2 silver, 1 bronze, Reneta Kamberova - 2 bronze. Team classification - 4 golden medals. Stela Sultanova won 6 golden international competition medals, Maya Pahunovska - 1 bronze.

   On European championship in Risa, Germany women ensemble caught golden medal in the combination with 3 balls and 3 rings. Eleonora Kejova and Christina Rangelova (from "Iliana") take part in this ensemble. In the twelve events the Bulgarians are second with their 52 points, they have taken and one more silver medal on 5 ribbons.